ATM Money

You’ve only heard about the ATM thefts coming out of Dallas, Texas.

Well now M.A.R.C.U.$ is about to take you on a ride on the inside of the business with one of the most NOTORIOUS ATM thieves in Dallas who goes by the name Ceezy. He was a known hustla in the streets of a city called Pleasant Grove, before being turned on to the ATM game.

After an incident that happen to one of his traps, Ceezy jumped into the ATM game and straight changed it. He was snatching so many ATM machines that a detective by the name of Pretty Man had to put together an ATM Task Force just to try and stop him.But what they didn’t know was that Ceezy was about to give them a run for their money.

After being divorced by his wife, Detective Pretty Man took his anger out on every ATM Thief that he came across If it wasn’t for a snitch, who led the detectives to forty-one ATM arrests, they probably would have never come across Ceezy’s name. Now the only problem is getting a face and a case to go with it.

“ATM Money is one book you can definitely judge by its cover.”
-Richy Rich

“ATM money is one of the best books of this millennium.Love,hate,money,sex,murder and betrayal all in one book.
Street thriller for real!”